Progear Linux Suite

The Progear Linux Suite

Welcome to the Progear Linux Suite website. This SourceForge project is designed to create and share various useful scripts and applications for SonicBlue's Progear. In addition to Linux scripts and apps, we also host submitted scripts and apps for the Windows based ProGear. Finally, apps of interest to other slow, Transmeta based webtablets may be found here.

ProGear Linux Suite Information
Progear Linux Suite Summary The summary page on sourceforge for this project.
Linux on Progear HowTo Detailed details on installing Linux on to the Progear and suggestions for use.
Progear Linux Suite Open Discussion An open discussion forum hosted by SourceForge. Use this to chat with me and others about projects for the Progear.
Device Drivers and Other Useful Apps
2.6 Device Drivers Device drivers for Battery/AC/Lid switch status, LCD Backlight control and Joystick
Progear Specific Dockapps and Gnome Applets for LCD backlight brightness control and battery/cpu temp status. The LCD controls require the progear-lcd driver.
WMWrite Speed optimized stroke input app with snazzy dock app control. This implementation is experimental but fully functional.
ProGear Linux Suite Scripts
Local xr3 Information xr3 is a program that acts as an quicker alternative to the lwm window manager built into the Progear. Here's some information on configuring it for use with the Progear.
touchscreen linearization Information on the linux touchscreen linearization. Read this BEFORE updating your harddrive image.
Offsite Progear Links
Progear Yahoo Group A very useful group discussion about the progear. Another website dedicated to chatting about the progear.
Taking the Progear Apart (and more!)
TuxMobil - Linux on Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs and Mobile Phones Other Progear Resources listed on TuxMobil.
WinXP on Progear Notes on installing XP, for those so inclined.

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