One important tip: if you reimage your drive, make a duplicate of your existing drive first. This will help you if you run into problems.

In particular, you're going to need to grab the linout.txt (and probably calout.txt) files from /usr/local/webzine/apps/ts_linearize. This contains vital linearization information that the touchscreen uses and I'm not currently aware of a way of regenerating this information from within linux. Whenever you install someone else's linux image, you'll need to replace their copies of this file with your copies or you'll end up with a touchscreen that can't be calibrated.

An example linout.txt file: (from my progear, yours will vary):


And an example calout.txt file: (again from my progear, yours will vary):


By the way, calout.txt isn't strictly necessary. It's regenerated when you use the built in four-point calibration tool. But there isn't a tool to generated the linout.txt file.

I've heard from Tim Scrader that this information may be present on a bar code on the back of the ProGear, but I've never seen/scanned this barcode. And Windows version of the ProGear can regenerate this information through the used of the 20-something (25?) point calibration program that they have.